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MY unique healing approach

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How I guide you to heal:

I work intuitively and deeply with you, not on you.

This is both powerful and empowering, as You are the one who is accessing and processing your trauma, as I guide and teach you how to read the signs and deeper messages that your body is expressing and communicating to you.

Together we uncover and navigate your emotional pain, your resistance, your nervous system response, and your wounded parts, to bring you relief, release, healing, clarity, peace and connection back to Self.

This is a fully guided process, in which we are deeply attuned with each other, with conscious presence and intention.

I gently guide you within your physical body to fully process unresolved emotions which also allows me to guide you to shift unhealthy belief systems, programming, inner child wounds, generational conditioning and ancestral wounds.

Inner child healing, generational healing, whole Being healing and full integration.

I experienced more release and healing in three sessions with Beck than I did over 2 years of talk therapy. I never realised how much my body was holding on to and how important and powerful it is to heal from the body, not just the mind. I'm forever grateful to Beck and would highly recommend her, she is so gentle and amazing.

- Lucy


How I can support you

1:1 Somatic Healing session

4 x healing sessions

Deepen & accelerate your healing journey

Healing from narcissistic abuse

Guidance and support

Tools to help you thrive

I just had a session with Beck & it was one of the most nurturing and self-loving things I've ever done for myself. I'm finally taking these first steps to heal myself with her guidance. It was truly a life-changing experience. Thanks for helping me show up for myself and my inner child, and to loving myself, healing my past trauma and wounds. The session was so safe and I loved that I could remain private and honour myself, without having to share my past.

I highly recommend this type of healing process to everyone.

- Cassie

Victoria, Australia.


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